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JGC Technology Group, an Atlanta, Georgia based technology firm, provides consumers, small to medium business, enterprise and c-suite clients with cutting edge technology support, planning and finance analytics solutions. Our firm focuses on what most clients want, and thats to make technology work.


Technology is ever evolving, and we stay on top of the latest and greatest to ensure our clients can benefit from those advancements. With over 15 years experience in technology, we're not only knowledgeable, but we're passionate about technology, taking great pride in testing new technologies, and learning how it works and how it can work for our clients.


Launched originally in 1998 while in high school, Jermaine Cobbs, the company founder, wanted to launch a business that does what the others do, quite simply, do what the client wants, get it done. We take great pride in doing just that.


As you'll see on our Solutions page, we work with all forms of technology, including, but not limited to, home automation, home entertainment, new office planning and design, executive support, mobile device planning and life-cycle and so much more.


We take privacy very seriously, and our clients can rest assured that we ensure your privacy is held to the highest regard, we're H.I.P.P.A trained and for those requesting it, will provide binding non-disclosure agreements.


We look forward to working with you.

Jermaine Cobbs

Chief Technology Officer

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